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Terms: Herts Healing School

Herts Healing School of Complementary Therapies
(known throughout this document as HHSCT)

HHSCT is committed as a company to offering its students quality courses which are continually improving. Our Student Charter is one way in which we can outline our commitment to you and what you can expect from us, whilst informing you of the responsibilities placed upon you in return and what we expect from you.

When taking an ITEC course with HHSCT you can expect:
• An appraisal of course content showing key stages and criteria for examination,
• that the teaching you receive will be evaluated. We will use feedback to enhance the quality of our teaching,
• that we will work with you to help you develop your learning skills, recognising that this is an ongoing process,
• that we will provide a quality learning environment,
• that we will provide you with access to appropriate resources to enable you to complete your studies or, in the event that we are unable to do so, direct you to where additional resources can be located,
• that we will support you in your learning, to help you complete your studies,
• that tutors will be courteous, professional, punctual and efficient,
• that we will seek to create and maintain an atmosphere and environment which is conducive to learning,
• that we will monitor feedback from students with a view to continually enhancing the quality of our provision,
• that we will respect your right to dignity & confidentiality,
• that we will comply with all relevant legislation.

What we expect of you in return:
• That you will take responsibility for your own learning and assist in creating and maintaining an atmosphere and environment which is conducive to learning for all,
• that you take responsibility for seeking any support you need,
• that you use our facilities with respect and consideration for others,
• that you will be courteous, efficient and behave in a professional manner towards staff and fellow students,
• that you will be punctual, arriving in good time for lessons or notify tutors of any expected late arrival or absence,
• although we operate a non - discrimination policy, respecting amongst other things, spiritual and religious views, nonetheless, it is vital that each student is able to work freely, with everyone else in the class, regardless of race, religion or sex. This is a learning environment; therefore, students are expected to work with each other, during the practical sessions of the course, whether male or female. It is vital that students take part in the giving and receiving of massage, so that different body types, skin types, age groups and musculature can be experienced for training and development purposes,
• all student to have a working knowledge of the English language,
• that you will pay all fees and charges due when required.

• All assignments need to be printed and delivered during session times. All relevant marking and tutor feedback will be fed back by the tutor in the same way (tbc).
• We expect all homework/assignments to be handed in and received by the tutors in a timely fashion. Where problems or delays are anticipated by the student, we request that the tutor is notified as soon as possible
• Examinations are included in the full price of the course fee and all students are expected to sit the practical and theory examinations on the allocated date provided by the HHSCT. The date of the examinations will be confirmed as soon as possible, after the first day of the course.
• Once the examination day is confirmed, students are expected to attend.
If students are unable to attend the allocated examination day, only those with a certificated medical condition (issued by a suitably qualified medical practitioner) or those with unforeseen personal circumstances prohibiting them from taking the examination will be allowed to postpone. In such instances (and in line with ITEC ruling), students must subsequently attend the next available examination day, which will be agreed.
In cases of unforeseen circumstances HHSCT reserves the right to request suitable written documentation if examinations are to be postponed. Without medical reasons, students will be asked to pay for their exam and any additional revision time they may require at the tutor’s discretion.
• If students decide to postpone their exam because they have not completed the scheduled assignments and/or case studies, or for personal reasons, they will be expected to attend the next examination date and accordingly this will incur an additional fee. If the next exam exceeds 3 months from the date the course finishes, then students will be asked to attend revision weekend before the next available exam (and in consultation with the course tutor) this will incur a daily fee.

Payment for the course
We operate an easy pay scheme, which means that we allow students to spread the cost of their course payment, by instalments, agreed with HHSCT at the time of enrolment. Unlike other companies, we do not charge for this facility – it is a concession that the company offers. What we do ask therefore is:-
• That all payments are made by the due date, as outlined in the original email acknowledgement sent at the time of booking.
• Any payments not received by the due date, incur a late fee of £25.00 – no exceptions made, unless a late payment has been pre-authorised.
• If students decide to leave the course early and do not continue with their studies, the full outstanding balance is still payable at the time of notification.
• HHSCT reserves the right to pursue any non-payment legally.

Please remember that the easy pay scheme is a concession, offered by the company, to help students spread the cost of your course fee and HHSCT reserves the right to cancel this arrangement if payments are not being met on the due dates
Company Policies and Procedures
Under external regulations, HHSCT is obligated to publish its policies and procedures clearly and access to the following policies/procedures can be found on our Policies page.
• Policy and procedure on Malpractice and Maladministration
• Complaints Policy
• Appeals Policy