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Our Venue

Our School is located in the MIND building in the centre of Rushden opposite Orbit Tyres and down the hill from the Cenotaph and St Mary’s Church. The entrance to the car park is behind the building, just before the pedestrian crossing on Skinners Hill, again opposite Orbit Tyres. See photograph below.

Pheinix House, Rushden

Phoenix House

Our venue in Rushden has plenty of parking behind the building. Facilities include a kitchen, rest area and also there is a café on site. Lockers are available if required.

Practical Room

Practical Room

The practical room is private, well-lit, heated appropriately and suitable for hands-on training.

Training Room

Training Room

The training room is spacious and comfortable with high tech teaching facilities including an interactive, internet linked screen.


Rushden Mind, Phoenix House,
Skinners Hill,
Northants, NN10 9YE